Friday, February 17, 2012

Shine on!

These are the before and after pics of our drinking glasses. The first picture is how our dishes have been looking for a couple of months. I had tried a bunch of different things to get them to come out clear again and nothing was working. So we called a dishwasher repair guy to see what the deal was. We ended up giving him 60 bucks to tells us that dishwashers aren't built like they used to be and are basically just sanitizers, not really we should just try using things like jet dry (which I had been using all along...) Thanks buddy.
So whenever we had people over for dinner, I would hand wash everything before setting the table so they wouldn't think our dishes were dirty! That got old real fast and didn't even work that well, so I was on the look for improvement, without buying a new dishwasher.
Turns out, all we needed was a little LEMI SHINE!!!!
Holy cow! I put a little Lemi Shine in a load and they came out sparkling, just as the bottle says! It's silly to be so excited about clean dishes, but this stuff works great! I feel like our glasses and other dishes look brand new and all shiny and smooth. No more filmy residue in this house!!!
So, if you too are having the dishwasher blues, try lemi shine!!!

In other news:
George and I spoke in church a couple of Sundays ago and it actually went well. We were the only speakers and we had what we thought to be a difficult topic - two miracles that Christ performed and how they have made an impact in your life. Eeek. I don't mind giving talks and doing sharing time, but I was still pretty nervous, especially because this was our first time speaking since getting married! Since my voice is already high and I look pretty young, I wanted to make sure that my talk was solid and that I looked good. When I'm nervous, I talk faster and my voice goes higher - so I'm sure that no one over the age of 70 actually heard my talk that Sunday, but hopefully I looked cute up there to them! Anyway, I picked a more 'grown-up' looking outfit and did my hair and make-up extra nice. Just as we walked in the front doors of the church a very sweet old lady walked up to me and goes, "You look just like a little girl!". How do you respond to that one!? I just sarcastically laughed and said, "why thank you". I'm hoping that she was just admiring my youth and didn't actually mean that I looked like a ten year old. Whatever, people are funny and make good stories to tell and laugh at later.
Here's to youth!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012


This blog is going to start out with a really attractive picture of me....

This is how I feel about allergies...

...especially because I've never had them in my whole 22 years! Saturday night we were just chillen after we got home from a lil party and it was like BOOM! I got hit with allergies! It is so totally different than actually being sick. Out of nowhere, I was stuffy, my eyes were dry and puffy and I was not happy about it. I took a benydryl and felt better really fast and also fell asleep really fast.... I know you can get allergies whenever in your life but man it hit me fast and I don't totally get it! Sunday night we were in Sedona and didn't have the meds on us and the allergies were really giving me their best shot! I mean my gums were even itchy! I felt like I had been crying for hours or something because my eyes were puffy and dry/watery at the same time! Also, the constant burny feeling in my nose like I'm about to sneeze, but not actually sneezing - not fun either.
I feel bad for all you allergy sufferers, I never knew how annoying it was!

Even though I randomly got allergies, we got a quick weekend away to Sedona and the picture below explains how I felt about that!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Please don't pee your pants!

Man oh man! What a week it has been. The weather is absolutely incredible in Mesa right now and we have been taking advantage of it with hikes and playing at the park. Sometimes we hit up the local parks twice a day! (the girls are lucky)
Unfortunately, we will not be frequenting the park for a while because of three-ish incidents that happened that did not make for a happy nanny!
Before I tell you what went down, know that every single time we leave the house a big deal is made about the potty and everyone HAS to go before we leave. The potty is a common topic of conversation for two 5 years old girls.

Tuesday - at an awesome park, the blondie pees her cute little dark skinny jeans. She didn't tell me and I didn't notice...until I gave her a piggy back ride and got pee all over my sweater...
So, we had another big conversation about the potty and why we HAVE to use it before we go anywhere, and how the nanny doesn't know what their bodies are telling them...and that they HAVE to tell me if they gotta go!

Wednesday - at an even cooler park that is near some property with horses and goats! I see a mysterious brown spot on the darkie's tights (who is 8 months older) when she did the monkey bars but decided it could have been anything and I didn't want her to get mad at me for her accusing her - oh and we had just had the big potty conversation yesterday, and everyone peed before we left the house. The car ride home is definitely stinky and I confront her at home. I asked her if she needed to go change, "no", I repeated the question, "no!" do you need to go to the bathroom? "NO! Why?!" (I didn't want to embarrass her but apparently she would have been totally fine going the rest of the day with poo in her pants...)
Then I told her why "because I think that you pooped your pants!" She gave me the meanest look, probably because it was in front of her cousins. I made her go clean up, change and throw the yucky stuff away. Then came another HUGE talk about how gross it is to go potty in your pants and how they HAVE to tell me, other wise I can't help them...
Fast forward to bath time that night - I ask her twice before she gets in if she has to go to the bathroom and she claims she is good, and I believe her. After a while, she tells me she is done and I see some little brown pieces floating around in the tub. In my mind I couldn't believe it was poo, it had to be something else - no way she'd do it twice in one day. I asked her what it was, she didn't know. I still believed her. I told her to pick it up so I could see...I
asked her what it felt like and she said it was really hard...I'm still believing her and just thinking it was a stick or bark or something that was in her hair from playing outside. I put my hand out...and yep she smears the brown stuff across my palm! It was not a was my hand!
She suffered the consequences and I bet she wishes to never ever poop or pee in her pants ever again.
I still don't really know what I did wrong but I guess the moral of the story is...please don't pee your pants! For some reason I have had this effect on people lately, even if they are old enough to know way better.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

George Bockafird

Here's to George Bock the third!!!
George is amazing and I truly couldn't imagine life without him. I remember when I first met George, I thought he was cute and I knew he thought I was so I was just going to have fun and play around! After our first date (and week of knowing each other) I knew he was different and that I didn't just want to play around, I really liked this guy. From day one he made me feel so good about myself. I was really attracted to how calm he was and how little he got stressed. He made me feel calm and happy. Besides being my number one man, he does a lot of other great things!
Get ready for some awesome and awkward pics from the past!!!!

This is George shoveling snow (for his very first time!) at my parent's house last Christmas!
He loves going to Spokane for the holidays, even if the temperature is half of what it is in AZ!

We love to go on road trips and George loves to drive which makes my singing and dancing to every song on our ipod that much easier!!!!

He loves football and isn't afraid to be goofy with me! He's always trying to get me to do awkward things and just have a fun time!

He works extremely hard and is very goal oriented. This is a pic of us the day we signed for our condo!

He's just cute!
And so good to his parents and family.

He made the cut and put up with my 3 older brothers ;)

This picture just makes me laugh!!! This is the night before we got married at our family dinner. We look so awkward!!!! LOVE IT!

He still loves me, even when I pose like this....

George is mine forever and I wouldn't have it any other way. He always knows how to put a smile on my face or give me butterflies.
Thank goodness for George Alvin Bock III, and that he loves a girl with the name of a bird.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Mind

Wanna know what has been on my mind lately....
Here ya go!

1. I have a serious all-star for a husband! Every once in a while, I go to blog about how amazing he is but then I get sort of shy one, because I don't wanna brag ;) and two because he is like my best kept secret! Just trust me, he is amazing in every single absolute possible way. He is my world!

2. Isn't it kind of weird how people say, "I'm pooped!". I mean really shouldn't that be something relieving (tmi?) oh and eewww.

3. I'm almost to the homestretch my schooling sort of! I'll graduate in May with a degree in Family and Human Development - so if you know of any cool jobs send 'em my way!!

4. Getting the little girl I take care of to talk in accents is hilarious!
Her specialty is a southern accent. She also stood up for me the other day to her younger cousin - "Robyn's not a giant! She's just middle sized!" ha ha ha she was so serious when she said it too!

5. We are running in a turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning! The weather will be amazing and we get a T-shirt! I love T-shirts!

6. The fast, timed version of Monopoly is fun.

7. I have gotten my hair done by this girl named Sarah for a while now and she always makes me look and feel amazing about myself. Yay for great hair cuts!

8. We have been obsessed with turkey wraps and sandwiches full of veggies lately. Throw some cucumbers on your next sandwich - you won't be disappointed, unless you don't like cucumbers!

9. I've gotten myself to run 2 miles everyday for the past two weeks - doesn't seem that bad but my motivation has been lacking, so yay for me!

10. Just so you can actually have something interesting to look at since you even came to my blog, here is a funny picture. Don't be offended!!!! It's funny and you know it!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Funzies

I realize that this should actually be made into like 4 posts but I'm too lazy to break it read as far as you'd like!

This past weekend I took my girls to the pumpkin patch and we had so much fun. The weather was so perfect and they looked so cute that I took a gazillion pictures of them - they were pretty tired of the camera by the end of the day but they humor me :)
P.S. Its basically the middle of October and I'm STILL wearing shorts!! Yahoo!

Me and Claudia out playing chalk

Me and Kalei

The three of us getting ready to go pick out pumpkins and go on the hay ride!

This place is fun, but definitely not as great as Greenbluff in WA!

Recent Quotes from Kalei: "I just don't know how Jesus makes cars"

"Robyn! You won't believe what I heard come out of my mouth the other day! A whistle!"

While working on rhyming..."mit, bit, and a sh**" ;)

She was telling me the names of her friends at school

K: Kooshy

R: Her name is Kooshy?

K: Ya, she's a china girl

I told her that she needed to eat some more of her dinner so that she would be buff, to which she responded, "like a buffalo!"

Ha ha ha she cracks me up and I love being with both her and Claudia

Then a few weekends ago, Georgie and I took off to go camping at Christopher Creek. This was our second time camping in that area and I think it is our favorite. Plus, we are getting to be pretty dang good a packing up fast and camping. If we had a big truck, it would be even better!

Us, out looking for wood

Georgie getting the fire going while I made our bed in the tent

The weekend of September 10th & 11th we drove out to the absolute middle of nowhere to meet my parents for a po-dunk pie festival. It was goofy but so fun! The festival was held in a tiny town in New Mexico called Pie Town. Our hotel was an hour away because it was seriously in the middle of nowhere! George entered the pie eating contest, he didn't win but he got a ribbon! :)
After seeing my parents for no more than 24hrs we drove home, and somehow we ended up without any pictures of the 4 of us, but trust me we were all there!

On the way home we stopped in Heber and found this cute little strip of touristy shops. It was a perfect way to spend our Sunday drive home.

Going to Pie Town was a fun quick little trip and let me tell you, there was some good people many many unshaven legs on women...yum!

My pie police shirt is from the Great American Pie Festival in Celebration, Florida that my parents frequent every April. I've been twice and its a blast! So, if you're ever near Florida towards the end of April, go get some PIE!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Things We Have Been Lovin' On This Summer

Are you shocked and amazed?? I am! Two blogs in one week! I'm trying, really I am! are some things we've been thoroughly enjoying this summer and would recommend to you!

1st: Zipfizz, we got it at Costco and it is delightful! I mean just read what the pic says! It is all natural and loaded with vitamins and yummy!

Next is Torani sugar free Watermelon flavored syrup. You add a dabble or two of this to some water and you will want to chug your water. Anything watermelon flavored usually grosses me out, but this stuff makes water taste extra refreshing! George thinks that water tastes bad...(doesn't actually have a taste, but he thinks its yucky). I think he has consumed more water this past summer than in is whole life thanks to this stuff! Yay for giving our bodies what they need! Bonus: its sugar free which means ZERO calories...I know its just like the fake sugar or whatever but I think its fine in moderation.

The pool!!! We have a pool at our condo but its not amazing. For only 3 bucks we can go to a way better pool! George has Mondays off from work, so we would go to Shepherd pool and swim laps and lay out to work on our tans. We LOVED it! Cooling off, exercise and tanning! Wahoo Mondays are the best!

Then we had the show, Heavy. Just really interesting to watch and can be found on Netflix! These people go to a facility where they have personal trainers and meals prepared for them! Man, if we all could go to a place like that we'd be looking dang good!

And most recently, is this book! George's oldest brother told us about it and we got it from Amazon for like $8! His brother, who isn't really over weight at all, lost about 20lbs following this book. It talks about how and what you should be eating. PLUS like half of the book is yummy recipes that are fairly easy and very healthy. We have been making a meal schedule each week and we hardly eat out anymore. George is benefiting the most I think because now I make him lunch and dinner every day!!! (working on being a better wifey) It's a lot of planning/prep but its worth it! We are eating healthy and FEELING GOOD! We've already noticed that if we do eat out we either can't eat as much as we used to or the unhealthy fast food makes us feel awful. Like last week we went to In n' Out and both felt sick to our stomachs afterwards! I couldn't believe how fast my body is adapting!

Until next time!!!