Friday, February 17, 2012

Shine on!

These are the before and after pics of our drinking glasses. The first picture is how our dishes have been looking for a couple of months. I had tried a bunch of different things to get them to come out clear again and nothing was working. So we called a dishwasher repair guy to see what the deal was. We ended up giving him 60 bucks to tells us that dishwashers aren't built like they used to be and are basically just sanitizers, not really we should just try using things like jet dry (which I had been using all along...) Thanks buddy.
So whenever we had people over for dinner, I would hand wash everything before setting the table so they wouldn't think our dishes were dirty! That got old real fast and didn't even work that well, so I was on the look for improvement, without buying a new dishwasher.
Turns out, all we needed was a little LEMI SHINE!!!!
Holy cow! I put a little Lemi Shine in a load and they came out sparkling, just as the bottle says! It's silly to be so excited about clean dishes, but this stuff works great! I feel like our glasses and other dishes look brand new and all shiny and smooth. No more filmy residue in this house!!!
So, if you too are having the dishwasher blues, try lemi shine!!!

In other news:
George and I spoke in church a couple of Sundays ago and it actually went well. We were the only speakers and we had what we thought to be a difficult topic - two miracles that Christ performed and how they have made an impact in your life. Eeek. I don't mind giving talks and doing sharing time, but I was still pretty nervous, especially because this was our first time speaking since getting married! Since my voice is already high and I look pretty young, I wanted to make sure that my talk was solid and that I looked good. When I'm nervous, I talk faster and my voice goes higher - so I'm sure that no one over the age of 70 actually heard my talk that Sunday, but hopefully I looked cute up there to them! Anyway, I picked a more 'grown-up' looking outfit and did my hair and make-up extra nice. Just as we walked in the front doors of the church a very sweet old lady walked up to me and goes, "You look just like a little girl!". How do you respond to that one!? I just sarcastically laughed and said, "why thank you". I'm hoping that she was just admiring my youth and didn't actually mean that I looked like a ten year old. Whatever, people are funny and make good stories to tell and laugh at later.
Here's to youth!!!

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